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Amazon Meal Kits now serving in Seattle

It looks like the rumored service has soft-launched in Amazon's home town.

Amazon's already listing Meal Kits on its site.

Yesterday, the markets buzzed with news about Amazon filing for a trademark for a Blue Apron-like service to deliver ingredients and recipes on demand. Subsequently, a user of that service in Seattle checked in with GeekWire, essentially confirming the service's existence.

The kits are listed on Amazon, albeit with "Currently unavailable" listings. Per GeekWire, prices start at $15.99.

Given Amazon's intent to acquire Whole Foods, this move is wholly unsurprising. It also comes as US Representative David Cicilline (D-RI) started pushing for a hearing into possible antitrust issues with that pending acquistion. If the government does put the kibosh on it, that may put the future of the service in jeopardy.

We've reached out to Amazon for comment on both issues but did not immediately hear back.