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Amazon lets you talk to Alexa hands-free on its mobile app

You can now ask Alexa commands without having to press a button.

Amazon Music using Alexa hands-free voice commands
You can now talk to Alexa without having to press the voice command button.
James Martin/CNET

Amazon is making it a little easier to talk to its virtual assistant, Alexa, on your phone. The tech giant said on Tuesday that you can now ask Alexa commands hands-free on its mobile app. 

Updating the Alexa app on iOS or Android mobile devices will let you use Alexa to control smart home devices, play music and more without having to press the voice control button. Once it is updated, the app will ask for permission to access your location and microphone to use the hands-free option. You can turn the feature off at any time through the app's settings. 

To use the new hands-free feature, your phone must be unlocked and opened to the Alexa app. You can then say the wake word to ask Alexa anything you need. 

The virtual assistant has already worked on the Alexa mobile app using the voice control button at the bottom of the app. Amazon said that the hands-free feature will be rolling out over the next few days. 

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