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Amazon launches its Luxury Stores with Oscar de la Renta collection

The first store includes the brand's pre-fall and fall/winter 2020 collections.

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Sean Keane

A pair of Oscar de la Renta collections are the first available on Amazon's Luxury Stores.

Oscar de le Renta/Screenshot by CNET

Amazon on Tuesday launched its fashion and beauty Luxury Stores, with the first one featuring Oscar de la Renta's pre-fall and fall/winter 2020 collections. Prime members in the US will be the first invited to check it out.

Its initial wave of items includes clothing, handbags, jewelry, accessories and a new perfume, with children's clothing coming soon. More brands will launch within Luxury Stores in the coming weeks and seasons.

When you visit Luxury Stores in Amazon's app, you'll be able to use the interactive "View in 360" feature to take a closer look at the clothing.

"Oscar de la Renta is thrilled to partner with Amazon for the launch of Luxury Stores," Alex Bolen, Oscar de la Renta's CEO, said in a release. "We admire Amazon's customer-centric focus and look forward to telling our brand's story in compelling and engaging ways to even more customers through the Luxury Stores experience."

If you're a US Prime member and didn't get an invitation via email, you can request one.

"It's still Day One, and we look forward to growing Luxury Stores, innovating on behalf of our customers, and opening a new door for designers all over the world to access existing and new luxury customers," Christine Beauchamp, president of Amazon Fashion, said in the release.