Amazon Launches Amp, an App That Lets You Host Your Own Radio Show

You can sign up for free, but the app is still in beta and you need an access code to use it.

Attila Tomaschek
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Attila Tomaschek
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Amazon Amp app illustration

Amp is still in a limited-access beta that's available to iOS users in the US via an access code.


Anyone who's ever dreamed of hosting their own radio show now has the opportunity to do so with Amazon's Amp, but access to the app isn't yet widespread. Amazon on Tuesday launched a limited-access beta version of Amp that's available to iOS users in the US who have an access code.

Amp is free to use and gives people the ability to draw from a catalog of tens of millions of licensed songs from major and independent record labels to create their own live radio shows. 


Amp lets you DJ your own radio show and invite live callers.


"Anybody with a phone, a voice, and a love for music could make their own show," said Amp vice president John Ciancutti. "Amp makes it possible for you to grab the mic and run the airwaves. We are creating a new version of radio that will have an infinite dial of shows."

Amp is also teaming up with some of today's biggest music stars to offer upcoming radio shows hosted by the likes of Nicki Minaj, Pusha T, Tinashe, Travis Barker and Big Boi. In the works is a built-in discovery tool that will help listeners find creators and tune in to radio shows based on their interests. Creators can schedule their shows for a specific date and time and listen along in real time with their listeners. Hosts also have the option to take callers during their shows and have the ability to control which caller can speak at any given time.

Currently, the beta is only available for download in the US and only on iOS devices. Subscribers will need to create an Amazon account to get started with the app and can only access the app with an access code. To get an access code, you can do one of three things: Download Amp from the App Store and join the waitlist, subscribe to the Amp Newsletter or follow the @onamp_ social accounts.

Amp says an Android app is coming, but details as to when it will be available or when the app will launch in countries outside the US are not available at this time.