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Amazon kicks off two-day promo for $100 in free apps

The company is offering 30 paid apps for free over the next two days. If users download all 30, they would be saving $100.


Amazon is offering a deal on mobile apps for the next two days.

Customers who head over to Amazon and check out the apps available in its Appstore will find a selection of typically paid programs available at no charge. Amazon says that the total value of the apps is $100, and it is offering the deal on Thursday and Friday.

As of this writing, there are 30 apps available in Amazon's listing, including Sonic and Sega All-Stars, PDF Max, White Noise, and others. While all are free for the next two days, combined, they typically set customers back $100.

Amazon's deal is available only to those who have its Appstore installed on their Android-based devices.

(Via 9to5 Google)