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Amazon has diaper problem just seven weeks after product's birth

After hearing from consumers, the company says it's planning to make design improvements to its Elements diapers.

Amazon's new line of diapers apparently left some buyers unsatisfied. Pictured here: Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. CNET

E-commerce giant Amazon has decided to temporarily stop selling its own brand of diapers, the company has confirmed.

Amazon started selling diapers to Amazon Prime members under its Elements brand last month. But now, just seven weeks later, "customer feedback" has prompted it to take the diapers off its digital store shelves, a company spokesperson told CNET.

"Based on early customer feedback about Amazon Elements Diapers, we are making some design improvements," the spokesperson said, without detailing the issues that buyers experienced with its product. "We'll let customers know when new diapers are available."

Amazon was tackling a highly competitive market with its Elements diapers -- a wide range of brands, including Pampers, Huggies, Luvs and others, are all targeting parents. Amazon thought it could steal some market share with diapers in a "new line of premium, everyday essentials" aimed at subscribers to its Prime service, which, for $99 a year, offers free two-day shipping, among other things.

In a statement announcing the diapers last month, Amazon cited a mother and grandmother who tested them before they were made available.

"I really like these diapers and will switch immediately once you start selling them," Kathryn G., a mother who tested the diapers said, according to Amazon. "I love the design, they fit well, and the diapers held up overnight (12 - 14 hours) with no leaks. We've got a very active son and these work well for him; they are very sturdy."

Though some people may have liked the diapers, the product apparently couldn't hold up for the company's entire base of Prime members.

Diapers were just the beginning of the Prime-focused Elements brand. Amazon also announced last month that it would sell baby wipes, and those are still available. Amazon also plans to launch other "essential" products in the coming months.

Amazon didn't say exactly when its diapers may come back.