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Amazon glitch ditches international-shipment option

A service agent at the online retailer says the Marketplace delivery option is back in action. A new post on Amazon's message board corroborates that it is fixed.

The problem has been resolved. See details below.

An international-shipping option appeared to be unavailable for Amazon Marketplace sellers on Thursday. According to an e-mail sent to CNET News on Thursday, "Marketplace sellers who ship internationally, for the past 24 hours, have lost international shipping."

The international-shipping option has indeed been unavailable since Wednesday, an Amazon.com call center representative confirmed. The option should be back up for most Marketplace sellers now, however, he said, adding that Amazon is looking into the outage's cause.

That said, Amazon wrote a forum post to sellers in its Amazon Seller Community message board Thursday morning saying it's still experiencing issues.

"We are currently experiencing a technical issue that prevents the 'Will Ship Internationally' text from appearing on the offer listing page," Amazon wrote on the board. "This is a text display issue only; buyers can place international orders normally. We are working to correct the issue and will provide an update, once the issue has been resolved."

Amazon has yet to reply to that thread, saying the issue has been resolved. In the past, when it experienced similar problems, the online retailer responded to its first post when the issue was fixed.

So there are mixed reports about whether the international-shipment option is readily available to consumers from Amazon Marketplace sellers.

Updated at 11:01 a.m. PDT to add option outage information.

Update at 1:37 a.m. PDT: Amazon has posted an update on its message board confirming that the glitch has been addressed.

"This issue has now been resolved," the company wrote in the post. "'International shipping available' is now correctly appearing on the offer listing page."

A listing page confirms Amazon's claim. All is well in the Marketplace.