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Amazon serves designer fashion straight from the catwalk

Amazon gets in on the latest trend in high fashion: See now, buy now.

Burberry - Runway - LFW February 2017
Models walk the runway at the Burberry show during London Fashion Week.
Tim P. Whitby / Getty Images

This season's latest designer looks are walking straight off the London Fashion Week catwalk and straight to you in less than an hour, thanks to Amazon.

The online retail giant's Amazon Fashion arm has partnered with designer Nicola Formichetti to deliver the six-piece collection to customers as soon as it's debuted on 16 September. If you're in London and you have Amazon Prime, your new garms will arrive within 60 minutes of placing your order.

Fashion shows show off new collections to buyers and it used to take six months to filter haute couture looks into shops. But these days, in response to speedy "fast fashion" high street shops such as H&M and Primark quickly copying the latest styles, designer brands are experimenting with "see now buy now".

Amazon is following in the footsteps of brands such as Burberry, Farfetch and Gucci in making designer pieces available to buy immediately after they appear on the runway.

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