AllPeers adding integrated BitTorrent client next month

Download BitTorrent files right in your browser with the upcoming version of AllPeer's social file-sharing extension.

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Josh Lowensohn

AllPeers, the social file-swapping and file-sharing Firefox extension is adding a built-in BitTorrent client early next month. Users will be able to download torrent files right in their browser without the need for a BitTorrent software client. Similar functionality was introduced to Opera's browser in mid-2005, however the team behind AllPeers is giving users an added bonus to download torrents through their extension. If two or more AllPeers friends are downloading the same torrent, they'll get the benefit of faster sharing. The AllPeers team claims it's double the speed they'd be able to get through regular peer-to-peer BitTorrent connections. AllPeers users will also be able to share the file in whole once the BitTorrent download has finished

AllPeers is one of the winners of the Webware 100 Awards and currently has more than 370,000 installations. The team estimates that about 53,000 of those users are active, and that the service gets a new user every two minutes. The new build with the built-in BitTorrent client will be available July 10.

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Users will be able to download BitTorrent files right in their browser without the need for a separate client. bugzilla.allpeers.com