Alloy recharges Web site with multimedia

The entertainment Web site targeting "Generation Y" relaunches with an increased focus on multimedia content, based on partnerships with RealNetworks, Scour and Entertainment Boulevard.

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Alloy Online, an entertainment Web site targeting "Generation Y," today announced that it has relaunched with an increased focus on multimedia content.

In its new incarnation, the teen-focused Web site reflects partnerships with media firms RealNetworks, Scour.net and Entertainment Boulevard designed to provide audio and video downloads, Net radio broadcasts, celebrity chats, shopping, email and online gaming to the youth sector.

"Combining our established brand with the new partnerships and services represents a natural progression for Alloy," Matt Diamond, Alloy chief executive, said in a statement. "Generation Y has always been Net-savvy, and Alloy continues to shape and be a part of the Internet teen pulse."

New areas on Alloy's Web site include a discussion area featuring voice-enabled chat; My Jumps, a bookmark-type personalized pop-up menu; and E-Postcards, which will allow users to create and send "teen-minded" electronic greeting cards over the Net.

New York-based Alloy said it would use RealNetworks' RealSystem technology to allow users to listen to broadband and Internet radio stations, view music videos, and organize digital music in various formats found on Alloy through the RealJukebox player.

Through Alloy's partnership with Scour.net, users will be able to search for audio and video content, including downloadable music, videos and movie trailers. In addition, the company said that users will have access to Entertainment Boulevard's music video catalog directly through Alloy.

Shares in Alloy have staged a rebound this month. The stock closed down 2.63 at 19.25 today but traded as high as 22.13 this morning. After rising on its initial public offering in May, the company's stock has taken a roller-coaster ride, sinking as low as 8.75 and rising as high as 23.18.