All your cloud-stored data floated away at 'The Linkup'

A huge loss of customer data calls the Cloud into question.

Dave Rosenberg Co-founder, MuleSource
Dave Rosenberg has more than 15 years of technology and marketing experience that spans from Bell Labs to startup IPOs to open-source and cloud software companies. He is CEO and founder of Nodeable, co-founder of MuleSoft, and managing director for Hardy Way. He is an adviser to DataStax, IT Database, and Puppet Labs.
Dave Rosenberg

This is the first full-scale loss of Cloud-based data loss that I've seen, but it's surely not the last.

Somewhere between the storage provider, the network infrastructure, the data center, and the abstraction software lays the blame for this mess. And the fact that every provider is blaming the other (Linkup, MediaMax, Nirvanix) adds to the fun.

Linkup CEO Steve Iverson says at least 55 percent of the data was safe. How much of the remaining 45 percent was saved is not clear, he says.

Overall, it appears that human error was responsible for the deletion of the files, but the lack of a backup plan seems to also be part of the problem.

Maybe this will be a trigger point for Cloud vendors (and users) to start taking these things a bit more seriously.