Airmedia Live gives wireless bulletins

Ex Machina will offer a messaging service that signals email and late-breaking news.

CNET News staff
Add another contestant to the growing field of personalized Internet info-filters: At the Comdex trade show today, Ex Machina announced the July launch of Airmedia Live, a wireless messaging service that notifies users of incoming email and late-breaking information on the Internet.

The service, which was previewed at Demo 96 earlier this year, requires a small, black pyramid-shaped receiver that sits atop a user's desk and connects to a PC by serial cable. With preferences set by the user, Airmedia Live's PC Alert software scans the wireless broadcast from over 20 sources, including CompuServe, PR Newswire, and Reuters news service.

It culls the relevant information and flashes an alert on a desktop taskbar even if the user isn't logged on to the Internet. From the taskbar, a user can read summaries of email or news stories but still needs to go online to retrieve the entire text.

The wireless feed is a slightly different twist on services like PointCast and Web.Max that search the Internet and pull requested information onto a user's desktop.

Airmedia Live launches in July and runs with Windows 95 only. The suggested retail price is $199. A basic two-year subscription is included in the retail price. Premium subscriptions, including email notification service, range from $4.95 to $13.95 a month.