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Adobe Scan app creates searchable, editable PDFs for free

Available for iOS and Android, the app offers all the extras of other scanning apps minus the limitations and fees.

Adobe's new mobile scanning app ups the ante on competitors and does away with paid subscriptions and upgrades.  

Called Scan, the free app for iOS and Android converts printed text into a PDF simply by snapping a picture of it. That's not unusual for scanning apps, but Adobe's including optical character recognition (OCR) for free. 

That means once your image is converted to digital text, you'll have a document you can search, edit, highlight, comment on, sign and share. Adobe says it can do multipage documents too, and there are no limitations or watermarks to get in your way. 

When scans are converted to PDFs they're stored in Adobe's Document Cloud and you'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to read them. So yes, you'll need to sign up for a Cloud account and install Reader, but those are free as well. 

Adobe Scan is available to download now