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Adobe Photoshop Elements 2021 adds new portrait features and moving photos

Adobe Photoshop Elements 2021 and Premiere Elements 2021 offer new AI-based tools for photography and video enthusiasts.

Adobe Photoshop Essentials adds a new landscape photography editing tool in its 2021 edition.

Adobe is releasing the 2021 versions of its Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements software for editing photos and videos, respectively, the company said Thursday. The new apps use AI to help you easily edit, create, organize and share your photos and videos. 

The Elements line offers less expensive versions of Photoshop and Premiere with fewer features, but more than enough for photography and video hobbyists. The software works on Windows and MacOS.

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Photoshop Elements 2021 uses Adobe's AI technology Sensei to add motion to static images with Moving Photos, allowing you to create animated GIFs with 2D and 3D camera motion. An Adjust Face Tilt feature lets you automatically adjust the position of a person's face in a portrait or group photo (so no more closed eyes in a group shot). And with Quote Graphics, you can overlay customizable text or animation over your photos. 

Premiere Elements 2021 includes new features like Select Object, which lets you choose an object or area within your video and apply an effect that tracks throughout the video. You'll find 21 new music tracks to add into your project. And the addition of GPU Accelerated Performance will let you see high-quality playback of any effects you add without rendering first, and allow faster video cropping. 


The Photoshop Elements Adjust Face Tilt feature in action.


Both apps include five new Guided Edits, which offer follow-along steps to help you get the photo or video results you're looking for. In Photoshop Elements, new Guided Edits include those for duotones, landscapes, as well as moving, scaling and duplicating objects. In Premiere Elements, you'll find those for double exposure videos and animated matte overlays. There are now 83 Guided Edits available across both apps. 

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Both apps also added automatic backup of catalog structure, so you can more easily back up and keep track of your photo and video library by albums, keyword tags, people, places and events.

Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements will cost $100 each, or $150 for both. In comparison, Photoshop and Premiere Pro cost $21 a month each (or about $240 a year each paid upfront). 

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