Add page numbers to half-size pages in Word

Place page numbers on landscape-oriented pages you've reduced to 5.5 by 8.5 inches, and then print two pages per sheet.

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Dennis O'Reilly

Jdjazz asked me to elaborate on a previous tip about formatting Word documents with two columns:

"I am trying to do a landscape two-column template with page numbers for each column [on] half sheets that I cut for speaking. When I choose Insert > Page number, it goes to the center in the headers over the two columns. How can I get a page number for each half page?"

In Word 2007, click the Page Layout tab, choose Size in the Page Setup area, and click More Paper Sizes at the bottom of the dialog box. In Word 2003, click File > Page setup. In both versions, click the Margins tab and choose Landscape under Orientation. Then click the Paper tab, enter 5.5" in the Width box and 8.5" in the Height box, and click OK.

The Paper options in Microsoft Word 2007's Page Setup dialog box
Set your page to half size in Word's Page Setup dialog box. Microsoft

To add page numbers in Word 2007, click the Insert tab, choose Footer, select a footer style, click Page Number > Bottom of Page, and pick a location for your page numbers. In Word 2003, click Insert > Page Numbers, make your selections on the Position and Alignment drop-down menus, and click OK.

Finally, click the Office button > Print > Print in Word 2007 or File > Print in Word 2003. In the Print dialog box, choose "2 pages" in the "Pages per sheet" drop-down menu. Make sure all your other print settings are as you like them, and click OK.

Windows Vista's "Pages per sheet" drop-down menu in the Print dialog box
Choose "2 pages" in the "Pages per sheet" drop-down menu in Windows' Print dialog box. Microsoft