Add missing places to your Google Maps Timeline on Android

A recent update to Google Maps on Android adds the ability to insert places that the app missed during your daily travels.

Nicole Cozma
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Nicole Cozma

The Timeline feature in Google Maps is relatively accurate when it comes to tracking where you've been. It's especially useful if you misplaced a personal item sometime during your day, like a credit card, an ID or your wallet.

Google Maps already has a solution for editing locations that are incorrect within your Timeline (businesses that are close together usually cause issues), but now you can add places that are missing entirely. First, you'll need to update to Maps 9.2 to gain access to this feature.

The update is rolling out to users on Android through Google Play, but it is also available on APKMirror. The cryptographic signature on the APK guarantees that the file is genuine and will replace the existing copy of Google Maps on your device. After updating:

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    Step 1: Open the menu within Google Maps and choose Timeline.

    Step 2: Head to the day you want to edit, then you can either tap a place on your timeline where a location is missing, which will reveal a new Add a Place button. Or you can open the overflow menu and choose Add a place.

    Step 3: Search for the place you want to add and then adjust the timeframe for when you were there.

    Another small update, partially related to the Timeline, is the coupling of user-submitted photos with their respective reviews. This solves the issue of looking for the photo a reviewer mentioned, and makes it easier to see when photos were taken.