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Add drawings to notes in Google Keep

​Google rolled out an update to their Keep app today that allows you to add drawings to new and current notes.

Google Keep lets you create notes, lists, and photos that sync between your mobile device and the Web. For organization there's color-coding, reminders and labels. To build on all of these features, today's update -- spotted by AndroidPolice -- brings the ability to add drawings to notes and lists, as well as annotation for photos. This step makes the most sense if Keep, since other services like Evernote have had this feature for some time.

Note: The drawings feature is available in the latest version of Google Keep. You may have received the update today, but if not, you can grab a copy from APKMirror (from AndroidPolice).

To start a drawing in a new note, tap the pen icon from the main screen of the Google Keep app. (The icon is also available on the widget.) If you want to add drawings to an existing note, list, or photo: open it and tap the overflow menu to select "Add drawing."

Nicole Cozma/CNET

Included drawing tools are:

  • A selection tool to move your drawing around in the white space or on a photo.
  • An eraser tool, which is smart enough to remove highlighting you've added on text.
  • Three types of drawing instruments: pen, marker, and highlighter.
  • 28 colors and 8 sizes for each drawing instrument.

Bonus tip: Double-tapping the eraser tool will display a Clear Canvas option if you want to start over.

The drawing tool selection isn't large, but they get the job done. What do you think of the latest feature? If you're an Evernote user, do you see yourself making the switch to Keep?