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Add an emoji keyboard to Chrome on Windows

​Missing emojis when communicating from your desktop? Look no further than this Chrome extension.

When sending a tweet or posting on your Facebook wall from a mobile device, it's easy to add fun emojis to enhance the conversation. These can be faces that accurately depict your emotions, or just something random and funny.

With Emoji Keyboard for Chrome, you can add those same enhancements to the messages you share on the Web, with just a few clicks. Here's how:

Nicole Cozma/CNET
  • Click the Emoji Keyboard button in the Chrome toolbar, then type your message and add emojis. Press Copy when finished.
  • Paste your text and emojis into the Web-versions of social media. The emojis will translate from outlined to colorful versions.

Note: While most emojis are supported by each service, you may find some that do not transform into their enhanced version.

Where do you use emojis the most? Which emoji is your favorite?

(Via Guiding Tech)