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Add a Google Photos shortcut to your Android camera app

Google Photos has a quick way to jump from your camera UI to your cloud-synced photos and videos. Read on to find out how to enable it.

When you're not happy with a new photo or video, you can tap the recent media shortcut in your camera and delete it. For users syncing to Google Photos, this takes several steps, since a copy will also be synced to cloud storage. To streamline this process, there's a shortcut to jump from your camera to Google Photos. The shortcut isn't new, but it may help you save a few minutes when sorting through media later. Here's how to enable and customize its placement:

Reminder: Media deleted from Google Photos will also be deleted on your device.

Nicole Cozma/CNET
  • Open Google Photos > Settings > Toggle the camera shortcut on.
    Some users may also see an alert to enable the Camera shortcut in the Assistant tab, which takes you to the same spot in the Settings menu.
  • Use your camera app to take a photo. The Google Photos shortcut should appear on the screen, with the app's icon on the edge of the preview square.
  • Optional: Tap and hold the shortcut to move it to your desired location.

Google Photos shortcut floats in your camera UI.

Nicole Cozma/CNET

Now you can spend less time hunting down the media you want to delete in Google Photos, and more time taking new photos and videos.