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Actors can get their age removed from IMDb under new law

California Gov. Jerry Brown signs legislation that requires entertainment database websites to remove an actor's age five days after receiving a request.

If an actor doesn't want to reveal their age, they can now keep it off the internet, too.

Under a new California law signed by Gov. Jerry Brown on Saturday, entertainment database sites such as IMDb would be required to remove the age of an actor if asked. The move was both celebrated by the SAG-AFTRA actors' union as a means to combat age discrimination and opposed by those claiming the move would suppress free speech, reports Variety.


Actor Paul Rudd's birthdate is clearly on his IMDb page right now, but a new California law could give him the ability to hide this if he chooses.

Screenshot of IMDb by Mike Sorrentino/CNET

"SAG-AFTRA has been working hard for years to stop the career damage caused by the publication of performers' dates of birth on online subscription websites used for casting like IMDb and StudioSystem," the union said in a statement.

The law, titled AB 1687 and authored by state Majority Leader Ian Calderon, would give sites five days to comply to a request to remove age information.

The Amazon-owned IMDb has previously won a related case in 2013 against an actress who sued the website for $1 million over revealing her age, reports The Hollywood Reporter.

Amazon did not immediately return CNET's request for comment.