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Actor recites all 9 hours of Amazon Kindle T&Cs

Nine hours, you guys.

Do you read the terms of service for every service you sign up for? Stop lying, you don't. But you have a very good reason. They're very long and very boring, and you just want to get stuck into whatever you're signing up for.

That's all well and good, but according to Australian consumer rights advocacy group Choice, that lengthy jargon can often conceal strange clauses, and it's unfair to expect consumers to wade through them. To highlight just how ridiculous it is, Choice hired an actor named Laurence to read aloud all 73,198 words of Amazon's Kindle terms and conditions.

Based on the estimation that 500 words is one A4 page, that's 146 pages, and it took poor Laurence nine hours to slog through the whole thing.

"We want to see an end to companies like Amazon muddying the waters around consumer rights and are asking for legislative change which will prevent businesses from hiding these terms in lengthy, difficult to read contracts," Choice's Tom Godfrey said.

The series consists of nine one-hour episodes, which can be found on Choice's YouTube channel. And don't forget about website Terms of Service; Didn't Read, which simplifies and rates terms of service.