Abortion site causes free speech firestorm

The Nuremberg Files anti-abortion site has been through the legal wringer, but in the end, many questions the case raised about free speech online remain unanswered.

CNET News staff
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Free speech watchdogs have been saying for years that attempting to censor Net material is like trying to plug a hole in a dam with bubble gum. That point has been underscored by the recent events surrounding the controversial Nuremberg Files anti-abortion site. Even after a federal court called the site "threatening" and its Web hosts dumped it, the Net still is crawling with lists detailing the whereabouts of doctors who provide abortions.

Anti-abortion sites vs. free speech
news analysis / video The events surrounding the Nuremberg Files raise another set of issues about how Internet speech is regulated--if at all--and by whom.

Judge slams anti-abortion site
A federal judge orders anti-abortion activists to stop contributing to the Nuremberg Files, while the site has once again been shut down by its service provider.

Nuremberg Files go dark again
The Nuremberg Files is once again shut down by its service provider. Plebeian System, an upstart Web hosting company, says it cut off the site after its T-1 provider threatened to discontinue Plebeian's service.

Controversial anti-abortion site resurrected
Despite her pro-abortion stance, a Dutch free-speech advocate is mirroring the controversial Nuremberg Files Web site after MindSpring shut it down.

ISP shuts down anti-abortion site
MindSpring shuts down the controversial Nuremberg Files after a federal jury ruled that the site threatened the lives of about 200 abortion providers.

How free should online speech be?
news analysis The debate surrounding the Nuremberg Files sites leaves many free speech advocates--many of whom are pro-abortion--uncertain about what constitutes protected speech.

Abortion "hit list" slammed in court
audio Anti-abortion activists are found guilty of inciting violence by posting on the Net a list of physicians' names that reads like a "wanted" poster.