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Aaron Paul cooks up own Yo app, 'Breaking Bad'-style

Aaron Paul, who played Jesse Pinkman on "Breaking Bad," releases an iPhone app that lets you greet friends just like Pinkman would.

The YB app from actor Aaron Paul lets you send "Breaking Bad"-style messages to friends. Anthony Domanico/CNET

Jesse Pinkman on "Breaking Bad" usually greeted people with a casual "Yo, b*tch." Now Aaron Paul, who played Pinkman in the hit AMC series, has released an iOS app that lets you send Pinkman's catchphrase to friends whenever you want.

Similar to the wildly successful Yo messaging app, Paul's free YB app, which came out Thursday for Apple's iPhone and iPad, has a running list of friends that you can send a series of messages to with just a few taps. There are several messages in the app to choose from, all in Paul's voice, -- from the standard "Yo, b*tch" and "Horray, b*tch" to the romantic "I love you, b*tch," which you should totally, definitely send to your loved ones.

In-app purchases unlock love packs, greetings packs and even a Socrates pack so you can expand the messages you can send to your friends, provided you can convince them to install the app too.

So, if you're longing for the good ol' days when "Breaking Bad" was still on the airwaves, you may want to go ahead and give YB a shot.