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A peek into North Korea's online world, and time to get a new Note 7 (CNET Update)

There are 28 North Korean websites hosted on its servers for the world to see -- but the rest of the country's online life remains a mystery. Meanwhile, replacement phones for Samsung's Note 7 hit US stores.

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Much of North Korea's internet is closed off from the world. But there are some websites that people on the outside can see. We never knew how many websites there were -- until now. A researcher happened to ping the web at just the right moment (perhaps when some technical admin working in North Korea made a mistake). The researcher's program returned data on all .kp domains hosted by the country -- something that usually isn't possible. Turns out, there are only 28 websites.

Meanwhile, CNET Update also looks at Samsung's replacement Note 7 phones hitting US stores. Only 25 percent of these potentially explosive phones have been turned in. Those that haven't will be getting safety alerts on the screen urging owners to shut down the phone:

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A peek into North Korea's online world, and time to get a new Note 7