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A cat in a desert is your new optical-illusion obsession

The brick wall is so yesterday. A perfectly coiffed cat is set to be the new king of Internet optical illusions.

Earlier this month, an odd photo of a seemingly boring brick wall flummoxed a lot of people online as they tried to see just exactly what weird thing was going on in the image. If you've had enough of the wall, then it's time to enjoy a much cuter optical illusion. There's a cat that's exciting the Internet by partially blending into its desert sand-dune environment.

Japanese photographer and Twitter user Hanamomo currently lives in the United Arab Emirates and has shared a series of photos of a cat strolling across the sand. The feline appears to have a hole in its side through which you can see the desert behind it.

Unlike the brick wall, you don't have to tear your hair out to see what's happening with the kitty. It's all about its fortunate fur coloration and how its beige patches match the desert sand. A strategic placement of black fur makes the hole-in-the-middle really pop.

According to RocketNews24, the cat's name is Okaachan, which translates to "Momma." Hanamomo's Twitter feed is a wonderland of cute cat photos, but Okaachan's desert-running exploits really stand out.

A sideways photo of the cat shared on Sunday is perhaps the best example of the optical illusion. Earlier photos show a good view of the cat's side and an even better close-up of the pie-chart-shaped fur coloration that creates the optical illusion when seen from the right angle.

In an online world where people can spend hours discussing the finer points of a brick wall or a blue/black/white/gold dress, it's nice to gaze upon a cute, furry optical illusion with an easy explanation.