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9 photos that prove this weird-looking guinea pig is a star

While checking out Reddit's Photoshop battles, I came across a strange submission I didn't think would gain traction. I couldn't have been more wrong.

I've said it before, never underestimate the creativity of Reddit.

I was lurking around Photoshop battles yesterday when a strange looking picture of a hairless guinea pig showed up. Here's the photo in question:

Reddit user: i_love_applebees

I didn't think much of it, other than that it was pretty creepy looking. I assumed people wouldn't do much with it, and I simply moved on. This morning I circled back and -- to my surprise -- saw the post had taken off with almost 400 comments.

After sampling a few of the posts I knew I had to share some of the best with all of you.

To start off: Pod Racing, anyone?

Reddit user: chronologicalist

Redditor shopdude saw a different sci-fi classic that also works really well:

Reddit user: shopdude

Speaking of classics, who knew that a hairless guinea pig could also be fine art?

Reddit user: -doitforjohnny-

Conceptually, I think a guinea pig as Sherlok Holmes is a stretch (of course, maybe they all are), but somehow it just works:

Reddit user: Ashtroid666

Since Donald Trump is understandably a big topic of conversation in the US and around the world, whatever you may think of him, you have to admit this is well done:

Reddit user: akh

I have to agree with Redditor LeejSm1th; this face also works perfectly with that stuffy rich man look of old:

Reddit user: LeejSm1th

"He who must not be named" is also an obvious choice:

Reddit user: NewNinja-Jordan

Not so obvious to me, but Redditor 5HT2a-receptor said it immediately reminded him of the Godfather:

Reddit user: 5HT2a-receptor

Finally, it's an unspoken rule of r/photoshopbattles, but whenever you can make something into Admiral Akbar, you are obliged to do so. "It's a trap!"

Reddit user: wbfletcher