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5 oddly satisfying posts from Reddit's OddlySatisfying

Social Studies: You know that feeling you get when the last dirty dish fits in the dishwasher to make it perfectly full? Or maybe when the last book fits on your bookshelf just right? That's what Reddit's OddlySatisfying is all about.

Social Studies looks at what's trending on social media throughout the day so you don't have to.

I've talked here before about subreddits, which are basically topics on Reddit where you can find stuff you're interested in. The default subreddits are what you see across the top of when you go to the site and offer a pretty good variety including news, politics, pics, funny, gaming, GIFs and several others.

The subreddits that are a little off the beaten path, however, can be some of the best on the site. One of my favorites, which was turned into a default because it's so good, is OddlySatisfying. It's hard to describe what it's about, but think of when you pull the plastic off a brand new electronic device. Oddly satisfying, right?

Let's check out what passes as oddly satisfying on Reddit right now.

This illustration of parallel parking of a car. from oddlysatisfying

Yeah, that's definitely cool. I'm already a pretty good parallel parker (it is my name, after all), but seeing those angles was really helpful.

The underside of this waffle my wife made from oddlysatisfying

It's so perfect it almost doesn't look real!

A dot painting being filled in from oddlysatisfying

That moment when all the spaces are filled in.

This mattress fitting the doorway perfectly from oddlysatisfying

A perfect fit.

This grid visualization from oddlysatisfying