Twitter freaks about 76ers and the national anthem

Social Cues: Also, Floridians on Facebook aren't surprised to learn that America's deadliest highway is located in their state.

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Singer Sevyn Streeter was pulled from performing the national anthem at the last minute at the 76ers game on Wednesday, apparently because of this shirt.

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People on social media are furious at the Philadelphia 76ers -- and not because they lost a game. The outrage stems from a decision apparently to pull the national anthem singer because of the shirt she wanted to wear.

The Chicago Cubs, meanwhile, are basking in love on social media after their win against the Cleveland Indians that ties the World Series

Social Cues is our guide on what's buzzing among your friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter. Here is what's trending on social media this Thursday:

We Matter: The Philadelphia 76ers are facing controversy after R&B singer Sevyn Streeter claimed the NBA team refused to let her sing the national anthem Wednesday over her "We Matter" shirt. The artist voiced her outrage on Twitter, saying she wore the shirt to raise awareness of issues the black community faces. Twitter users were collectively booing the team's decision on Thursday morning.

Negan: This is like a spoiler within a spoiler. The gory Season 7 premiere of "The Walking Dead" could have gone differently, as leaked footage showed an alternative storyline in which psychopathic supervillain Negan killed (OK, actual spoilers here) Maggie instead of Glenn. The latter's death already sent waves across social media. But how would fans have reacted if Maggie had been killed instead?

Interstate 4: This might actually be the "Highway to Hell." A study named Interstate 4, a 132-mile highway that cuts across Florida, as the most dangerous interstate in the country. While the study serves as a warning to the rest of America, Florida residents on Facebook weren't surprised at all. "We have so few east/west roads and so very many visitors and tourists that I-4 has been very dangerous from the day it opened," one Facebook user noted.

World Series Game 2: The series is tied at one game apiece. The Chicago Cubs evened up the World Series after defeating the Cleveland Indians on Wednesday night. The Cubs are trying to end a 108-year drought, while the Indians haven't won the series for 68 years. Folks on social media were fervent over Wednesday's game.

Road to 270: An anxious US is holding its breath with just 12 days before Election Day. CNN released its new election map with the "Road to 270," as Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are finishing up one of the wildest election years ever. Twitter users are following the electoral map closely. Perhaps it will even get turned into a meme, like Nate Silver's map.

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