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6 ways Redditors made the 'Stranger Things' cast... stranger

Reddit's Photoshop battles bring out the creativity of its users. When a photo from the Golden Globe awards of the "Stranger Things" boys was submitted, there were cool and unexpected results.

Happy New Year everyone! I'm finally back in the office after a fun and successful CES in Las Vegas, and I'm just getting settled in to see what's happening on the social networks in 2017.

I was browsing through Reddit's Photoshop Battles this morning and came across a great thread that uses a photo of the cast of "Stranger Things" from the Golden Globe awards. I've said it before, but I've always been impressed with the creativity in this subreddit and this particular battle didn't disappoint.

First, check out the original image:

Reddit user: hnirobert

Now, let's see what the people of Reddit came up with. Redditor Ekez42 imagined what they might look like in a few years:

Reddit user: Ekez42

Another redditor made them look like the Rat Pack with a Las Vegas background:

Reddit user: ckort22

A redditor with the name _TheZ decided the photo should be put into the artistic style of the "Reservoir Dogs" poster:

Reddit user: _TheZ

In keeping with the "Reservoir Dogs" theme, someone thought to replace one of the cast members with Mr. Pink:

Reddit user: Cmatthewman

But then people got even more creative. Here's the cast imagined with an 8-bit gaming art style:

Reddit user: DrWankalot

He also made a creation GIF to show how he did it:

Reddit user: DrWankalot

Finally, this last one is my favorite because the lights spell out "Cheese." Will is saying cheese for the photo from the Upside Down!

Reddit user: Godfishy