280 Slides: PowerPoint made fast and easy, online

280 Slides is a notable online replacement for desktop presentation apps.

Bob Walsh

Bob Walsh is the co-moderator of the the popular Joel on Software Business of Software forum and a consultant to startups and microISVs. He writes a blog at 47hats.com, and is the author of two books, Micro-ISV: From Vision to Reality and Clear Blogging: How People Blogging Are Changing the World and How You Can Join Them.

Bob Walsh

280 Slides is a notable online replacement for desktop presentation apps. It's fast, functional and very visual.

The Cappuccino Framework

In it, you can create a presentation, theme it, add graphics and video, and then present it, share it via Slideshare, or download it as a PowerPoint or PDF file. It's so smooth to use that it's hard to tell the difference in the experience between working in a traditional presentation app like Microsoft PowerPoint or Apple Keynote. It doesn't have a traditional app's over-the-top feature set, but it's so fast and easy to use you'll probably not notice that.

280 Slides is in beta, but I was able to create this three-slide presentation as easily as I would in Keynote, and more easily than if I had been using PowerPoint. Cappuccino turned 0.5.5 yesterday. Fellow CNET blogger Matt Asay calls it "exceptional"

280 Slides is written in JavaScript, in a new open-source framework that models how software gets written on Macs: something called Objective-J. Objective-J, the Cappuccino framework, and 280 Slides are the work of a small three-man start-up, 280North, composed of former Apple programming rock stars. This is one to watch.