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2 movies for $5: Wonder Woman and Batman v Superman Extended Cut

Wonder Woman alone -- you know, the good one -- would cost you $10 from most streaming services.

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Both films, five bucks. I'll take it!

Time for a double-feature! For a limited time, the Microsoft Store is selling the digital HD 2-film collection of Wonder Woman and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition for just $4.99. On any given day you'd be lucky to score just one of them for under $10. Update: This great deal has expired, alas.

Don't worry, buying movies from the Microsoft Store doesn't mean you have to park yourself in front of a laptop or Xbox in order to watch them (although you certainly can).

That's because it's compatible with Movies Anywhere, and Movies Anywhere works, well, everywhere: mobile devices, Roku boxes and so on.

Now, if you want my $0.02 on these titles: I thought Wonder Woman was pretty good but sort of overrated, and I thought Batman v Superman wasn't as bad as everybody said. Indeed, I'm curious to check out the extended cut of the latter, which adds some 30 minutes to the film.

Let's hope it's as super as this deal. Eh? Eh? I'll show myself out.

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