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15 more must-see iPhone 5S slow-motion videos

We've compiled more 15 must-see slow-motion videos shot on the iPhone 5S using the new time-bending feature.

Josh Lowensohn Former Senior Writer
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Josh Lowensohn
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The iPhone 5S has been out for more than a week, and the collection of slow motion videos has ballooned in size.

Earlier this week we posted 15 of our early favorites people had shot in their initial weekend with the device. Now we've put together another 15 that show off what people are doing when slowing down videos to a fourth of their speed.

Read on to get up to speed with the weird world of slow-mo.

There are tons of slow-motion skateboarding trick videos, but this is the first we've seen where the skater begins the video injured:

Water and sports together become water sports:

Speaking of water, it usually doesn't mix with smartphones, but it works out well for this jet-ski:

For a human version of this, watch this wakeboarding video by Vimeo user Eric Grindland:

Slow motion pet videos are a dime a dozen, but this one isn't like the rest. Watch to find out why:

Reader Rishi sent us in this very beautiful demo video he put together. Our favorite part is with the magnets:

Making latte art:

Contain your vomit from watching a horizontal smartphone video for at least the first 30 seconds of this majestic dog run clip. For extra fun, play this music at the same time:

A day at the carnival:

YouTuber Blunty has put together a nice montage of test items, from fountains, to the birds and the bees:

Try not to get hungry watching this pizza dough get hand-tossed in this hypnotic clip from Koolgio Photography:

The first 40 seconds of this video are fairly mundane, but skip ahead and you're in for an explosion Michael Bay might even be proud of:

While most of these videos are shooting other things moving slowly, check out this very uncomfortable to watch drop test from case maker Optrix:

And speaking of ouch, we'll leave you with this one:

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