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12 tweets to put on your holiday to-do list

Social Studies: A new hashtag game has people on Twitter talking about things they'd like to accomplish before Christmas. Few are useful or practical, but most are funny.

Social Studies looks at what's trending on social media throughout the day so you don't have to.

I'm back from the Thanksgiving break, well rested and ready to see what's happening on the social networks!

As you probably know, today is Cyber Monday, the online shopping version of Black Friday, where you can find some pretty great deals. We've rounded up all the best deals we've found here:

With everyone starting to look ahead towards the gift-giving holidays, people on Twitter are already thinking up strategies for shopping, dealing with family, holiday travel and more. A hashtag game called #ToDoListBeforeChristmas pretty well summarizes what everyone is thinking, but there's also plenty of comedy. Let's check it out.

This sounds a lot like me:

You should at least want to appear grateful:

It's definitely a good idea to know the basics:

Great planning here:

I always wondered what people put in these things:

It shouldn't be a surprise that alcohol is a recurring theme:

But I think that you need to actually drink it for it to be effective:

I think this is pretty much what Cyber Monday is all about:

There's always Festivus for the rest of us?

I think we've all been here:

None of us have been here, though. Still, can't blame a shark for wanting shark things: