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11 videos shot by drones from around the world

Check out a few of my favorite aerial videos from Instagram to see what drones can do on the move.

If I learned anything walking the show floor at CES 2017 earlier this month, it's that drones are anything but dead. The section that usually has drones in the South Hall at the Las Vegas Convention Center was easily 10-times as large as it was the previous year, with several more vendors showing off new models of all sizes.

As drones get more popular, you can find a ton of great content on Instagram just by searching on the word "drone."

I've posted photos from drones before, but this time I wanted to take a look at just the videos. As I watch these, I can't help but think we had nothing quite like this even 10 years ago. It's amazing to see what people are posting.

See? Even a preview for a baseball field is breathtaking. But check out flying high over a giant ski resort:

This one from Xalapa, Mexico was sped up in some parts, but still looks amazing:

This aerial view of Krimmler Waterfall in Austria has some really dramatic shots:

You'll notice most of these have a soundtrack to accompany the footage, but this next one goes back to the basics (it gets loud immediately, so watch your volume):

This one seems to reverse half way through, but I couldn't pass up a cool aerial shot of San Francisco:

While it doesn't name the location, these aerial shots of a church are really cool:

This closer look at a little family of storks on top of a sculpture in the Ukraine is pretty cool:

Watch your volume on this next one, but it is amazing to see one of these high-speed drones going through a course:

This one was shot south of San Francisco at a place called Bixby Canyon Bridge:

Finally, when it rains outside, you have to improvise. The shots and control are amazing, but I think I'd be too worried about crashing:

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