RIP to the Tech That Died in 2022

The iPod, Google Stadia and Internet Explorer are among the products we bid farewell to.

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Bridget Carey

This year we say goodbye to a mix of iconic gadgets, long-lived services... and tech we already thought was dead but is now actually dead. For real this time. (Ahem, BlackBerry.)

Every time we approach the end of the year, we look back to remember the technology that has been shut down, canceled or no longer supported in the past 12 months -- be it software or hardware. One product, in particular, was personal for me: the Amazon Glow

Amazon refunded customers their money (including mine), and is offering free shipping to help recycle the parts. But my problem is the way Amazon is killing it -- making the games and books on it unusable in 2023 -- because it's a reminder of how you can spend $300 on a device and still not really own anything. 

I explain the quirks in the video embedded above, while paying respects to the big tech losses of 2022. (At least I didn't have to say Twitter is dead... yet? Let's see what happens in 2023.)