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Patent Attorney Breaks Down Apple's Car Patents

Patent attorney Robert Sachs explains and vets some odd Apple patents for automobiles -- ones that could hint at what an Apple Car might look like.

The Apple Car has been a tech unicorn for quite some time now, and the speculation has been both exciting and exhausting. As we near Apple's release of the new iPhone 14 and a long-awaited Apple VR headset, CNET wanted to get some answers from an expert who could help us break down Apple's car patents to see if any of these ideas could someday hit the road. 


Apple Patent (Viewer)


Luckily for us, Apple likes to file patents, and there are a number of odd and interesting car-related Apple patents, some of which sound like neat ideas, while others have us a little concerned about the price tag and safety. 

We met with patent attorney Roberts Sachs to get his expert opinion on some of Apple's car patents. Check out CNET's Experts React video series below and see for yourself.

Apple didn't respond to a request for comment.