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Zune Pass for Windows Phone 7: Unlimited music for £9 a month

A leaked screenshot suggests that you'll be able to download unlimited music for around £9 a month if you buy a mobile running Windows Phone 7.

A leaked screenshot suggests that you'll be able to download unlimited music for around £9 a month if you buy a mobile running Windows Phone 7. leaked a screenshot of the Zune desktop software, showing the pricing for a 'Zune Pass' in Britain. The Zune music platform is currently available in the US and Microsoft may launch it here before Christmas, to coincide with the release of the first Windows Phone 7 devices. 

The screenshot suggests that a Zune Pass will cost £9 a month 'plus tax'. You'll be able to download and listen to tracks for as long as your subscription is active, or buy tracks to keep indefinitely. You'll also get 10 free tracks a month, which you'll be able to keep and listen to regardless of the status of your subscription. 

The Zune offering seems quite reasonable compared to that of current music-streaming darling Spotify, which allows you to stream unlimited music to your phone for £10 a month.

Microsoft is preparing to make a comeback in the smart-phone market with Windows Phone 7. At the beginning of September, it took one step closer to realising the dream, releasing the mobile operating system to manufacturers.

Microsoft has already made announcements on the mobile-gaming front with more than 50 Windows Phone 7 launch titles integrated with Xbox Live.

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