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Zune disses iPod in 'I'm a Mac' spoof

Could the Zune really be cooler than the iPod? According to this spoof video the Zune's wireless sharing feature makes it the daddy of MP3 players

We've just found an amusing video spoof of the famous 'I'm a Mac' video advert on ZuneBoards and YouTube. Whereas the Apple original depicted a stuffy be-suited Windows user dorking it up next to a trendy Mac fan, the pro-Microsoft spoof tries to show why the Zune is better than the iPod.

The vid starts in the same way as the dozens of other spoofs circulating on the Web: Mr Trendy says "Hey, I'm a Mac", the suit says "I'm a PC", then the two begin talking about an awesome new song they've both heard. Noticing the Mac boy is having difficulty finding the song on his "buddy's iPod", the Windows chap offers to send him the track using the Zune's wireless beaming feature.

The rest of the video pokes fun at the iPod's easy-scratch surface, and the alleged rigmarole iPod users go through when trying to download tracks to their player. According to the Mac boy, he "simply" has to write down the name of the song and artist on a piece of paper (making sure to spell it correctly), then go home, open up iTunes, download the song, give his credit card details, buy the song and finally "sync it up nice, ntschku ntschku ntschku! [sic]".

In contrast, the Zune bloke just has to press a button and he can send music (plus movies and photos) to fellow Zune users. The spoof is a little far-fetched (the Zune isn't that easy to use) but it'll give Microsoft lovers something to sort of gloat about. You can check out the video on YouTube by clicking here. -RR