Zuckerberg still wants to get 1B people into VR, but it'll take a while

To help get there, the Facebook CEO announces the $399 Oculus Quest headset.

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Oculus Quest is Facebook's next VR headset, promising you can play high-end games without the need for a powerful PC to run them.

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A year ago, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg stood on a stage and said he wants to get 1 billion people to try virtual reality. This year, he said he's not even 1 percent there.

"We have a saying at Facebook that the journey is 1 percent finished, and in this case not even quite," he said at his company's VR conference Wednesday in San Jose, California. "I'm confident we'll get there."

Zuckerberg still wants to get 1 billion people into VR, but it'll take a while. So, to get there, Zuckerberg announced the Oculus Quest, a new $399 VR headset coming in the spring that's designed to answer many of the complaints people have about VR technology. It doesn't have wires connected to expensive PCs that typically need to power a headset. And it offers a more immersive experience than cheaper wireless headsets, like this year's Oculus Go , by using more advanced sensors and controllers.

 "It's not a question of when we're going to get there, it's how," he said, referring to the goal of 1 billion VR users.

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