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ZTE Axon Pro gets a storage boost and now comes in a cheaper model

The ZTE phone now comes in a 64GB version, as well as a new affordable entry-level model.

The Axon Pro, now with double the storage! Josh Miller/CNET

The Axon Pro , ZTE's first flagship device, is now available in three variations. Alongside the original Axon Pro, there's an identical version with twice as much internal storage and an entry-level model.

Pricing for all three models will be updated to reflect the shift to the lineup. The original Axon Pro will get a price cut, going down to $400, while the new one with more storage will cost $450. The Axon, which has a lower-resolution screen than the Pro phones, will cost just $320. ZTE hasn't announced a release date for the unlocked phones yet, but they will be available on ZTE's website and other online retailers including Amazon and NewEgg.

The new models are essentially the same as the 5.5-inch Axon Pro that was released earlier this year, but the new Axon Pro houses 64GB of internal storage -- that's twice as much as the 32GB original. Neither of them include a microSD card expansion slot, so there's no option to increase the storage capacity. This means the larger model is a better option for anyone looking to store a lot of music and videos and download apps.

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The wallet-friendly Axon doesn't have all of the high-end specs you'll find on the Axon Pro models. While Axon Pro screens boast 2,560x1,440-pixel resolution displays with 532 pixels per inch, the Axon features a lower 1,920x1,080-pixel resolution screen with 400 pixels per inch.

The Axon has a 2GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S800 processor and 2GB of RAM, whereas the Pro phones have a faster 2GHz octa-core Snapdragon S801 processor and 4GB of RAM. Despite the different specs, the Axon's dimensions, battery life, and screen size are all the same as the Axon Pros'.

Although CNET's Lynn La had good things to say about the Axon Pro when it was first released, it was overshadowed by the bevy of comparable phones that offered similar features at a lower price. This time around, it comes in cheaper than Google's new Nexus 5X ($379 for the 16GB and $429 for the 32GB) but it still can't beat the competition. Compared with the Axon Pros, the OnePlus 2 only costs $330 for the 16GB version and $390 for the 64GB model. And the Alcatel OneTouch Idol , which is the phone that's most comparable with the affordable Axon, sells for a lowly $250.

Still, the Axon Pro might not be the cheapest smartphone out there, but it's still an excellent option if you can't get your hands on the elusive OnePlus 2. Stay tuned for a review of the ZTE Axon when it becomes available.