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Zoom drops 40-minute limit for Thanksgiving

You won't be cut off midsentence during virtual family gatherings from midnight ET Thursday through 6 a.m. ET Friday.

Zoom is taking some of the friction out of virtual Thanksgiving gatherings.
Angela Lang/CNET
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Zoom has been a major social outlet for much of the planet as we physically distance during the coronavirus pandemic, but the video chat app cuts off meetings after 40 minutes. The company is lifting the limit for Thanksgiving, it said earlier this month, as millions of Americans prepare to celebrate the holidays virtually

"As a thank you to our customers, we will be lifting the 40-minute limit for all meetings globally from midnight ET on Nov. 26 through 6 a.m. ET on Nov. 27 so your family gatherings don't get cut short. #ZoomTogether," it wrote in a Nov. 10 tweet.

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Zoom's popularity skyrocketed earlier this year, when working from home and communicating virtually became the norm under coronavirus lockdowns and restrictions. Its user base increased from 10 million in December to 300 million in April, according to the FTC

Ahead of the holiday season gatherings, Zoom added tools to let you block and report anyone who disrupts your meetings. As usage increased, the platform was scrutinized for potential privacy and security issues, and has since rolled out end-to-end encryption and expanded two-factor authentication.

Last week, Microsoft Teams trumped Zoom's temporary time limit removal by offering free all-day video calling until further notice.