Zombies, karting, a fiery Frogger, and more: New iPhone games of the week

This week's five newcomers offer a little something for everyone, but take my advice: steer clear of the new Frogger. Spring for the smashing ZombieSmash instead.

Rick Broida Senior Editor
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Rick Broida
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Except for the much-ballyhooed arrival of Street Fighter IV, it's been a fairly quiet week in iPhone gaming. That said, there's always a steady stream of new and intriguing titles, as evidenced by this decidedly eclectic bunch:

1. Doodle Kart A charming little racing game in the increasingly popular "doodle" style, Doodle Kart offers top-down action across 25 different tracks. Collect power-ups as you go, unlock new stages, and try to beat the AI in all four difficulty levels. Alas, there's no multiplayer, but Doodle Kart offers plenty of fun for one. It's 99 cents, but you can test-drive the lite version free.

2. Frogger Inferno Picture the coin-op classic Frogger. Now picture your little jumper leaving a trail of fire as he hops, meaning he can't go back the way he came. That's Frogger Inferno in a nutshell. Lame! My advice: Stick with the original. Both versions cost 99 cents.

Anybody can fly an airplane. Let's see how you well you pilot a dragon! Glu Games

3. How to Train Your Dragon: Flight of the Night Fury Also known as "movie tie-in of the week." Of course, the movie's not even out yet, so it's hard to say how well the game represents it. But it looks an awful lot like the classic Glyder, though at $2.99, Dragon is two bucks cheaper.

4. Jailbreak: Voice Onrush Adapted (is that code for "copied"?) from the Nintendo DS title Escapee Go, this weird-looking arcade game with the weird name might prove enjoyable to fans of maze-escape challenges. You tell me: I'm not one of them.

5. ZombieSmash Yay! Zombies! Yes, the list of zombie-themed iPhone games is getting longer all the time, but there's always room for one more--especially one that has castle defense-style gameplay, lots of fun weapons (wrecking ball, anyone?), plenty of cartoonish gore, and a good sense of humor. ZombieSmash costs $1.99. Take a look: