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YouTube Go brings data-light video to a phone near you

The India-first YouTube Go app brings video-streaming within reach for data-free sharing of cat videos with your nearby friends.

The YouTube Go app lets users share videos without using data.

Want your hit of YouTube videos without the massive data bill?

Unveiled in India earlier this week, YouTube Go is a new app designed to solve a particular problem for a big subset of users. Billed as a way of "bringing YouTube to the next generation of viewers" by YouTube's VP of product management Johanna Wright, it's a low-data, low-connectivity way to get YouTube in the hands of millions of users in emerging mobile markets.

The new app has been designed from the ground up and field tested with hundreds of users in 15 cities across India. It's designed to work with little-to-no connectivity, use less data and serve up better recommendations and social experiences.

It's a natural extension of YouTube's previous offline modes. It comes with the ability to preview videos before committing to download, set data limits and resolution before watching and sharing clips with nearby friends, and all without using up data limits. It's safe to say YouTube Go has a much wider appeal.

YouTube Go will be released to more users over the coming months, before a wide release in early 2017. You can sign up now if you want to hear as soon as it's available near you.