YouTube dark mode rolls out for Android devices

Your Android video viewing interface can finally be a little moodier.

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The Android rollout follows YouTube's dark mode coming to desktop last year and iOS in March.

Screenshot by Jason Cipriani/CNET

YouTube for Android finally rolled out a dark mode over the weekend, months after it came to iOS.

The dimmer display option -- which offers an easier viewing experience in low-light conditions -- is being automatically applied as it arrives on Android devices, according to 9to5google.

It can be turned on and off manually through a toggle in the Settings menu, under General. For more details on dark mode, check out our guide.

The Android rollout is still happening, but is spreading widely enough that it's unlikely to be a test.

Google confirmed that it's started a gradual roll out of the new feature and should have updates in the coming weeks.

YouTube's dark mode came to iOS devices in March, after the company introduced the theme to its desktop interface last year.  Prior to that, you need to turn on a hidden developer mode to go dark.

Updated on July 31 at 2:20 a.m.: Adds Google confirmation.