You're about to see a lot more Nokia health products

Existing Withings scales, blood-pressure cuffs and trackers are getting Nokia branding, with new health products taking the name as well.

Withings fitness products like the Steel HR watch will be branded as Nokia ones from here on in.
Sarah Tew/CNET

Nokia purchased Withings, the French health tech company, last spring. Now, Withings and its app have been officially rebranded under the Nokia umbrella.

What it basically means is that previous Withings products will now be labeled as Nokia ones, and a new Nokia Health Mate app will replace the Withings Health Mate one.

In case you're curious, we'll break down what it all means.

(Updated June 20 at 4:21 p.m. ET with additional details from Nokia and to correct that the Aura is no longer being sold).

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Will the new Nokia products be the same as the old Withings?

It seems like it, for the most part. The Withings Steel watch and Withings Go fitness tracker will stay (now to be called Nokia Steel and Nokia Go), while the Withings Steel HR watch will become the Nokia Steel HR later this fall.

Some older Withings products like the Aura (a sleep monitor/bedside clock) are being discontinued. Others, like the Thermo (a thermometer) will remain. Nokia will still make connected scales and blood pressure monitors, too, and add new ones to the mix. But, according to Nokia, older Withings products will still be supported by the Nokia Health Mate app, and will sync data like they did before.


The Nokia Body is a lower-cost, Wi-Fi enabled scale.

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New products: A cheaper scale, a smaller blood pressure cuff

Nokia will add two new products: a $60, £55 (equivalent to AU$80) connected Wi-Fi scale called the Nokia Body, and a smaller blood pressure cuff with Bluetooth called the Nokia BPM+. Neither are huge new products, but spins on what Withings already offered.

The Nokia Body (the scale) will cost less than the older Body Composition Scale, but lacks muscle mass or heart rate measurements. There's also a step-up Body Plus that measures muscle mass, and a Cardio that tracks heart rate as well as measures cardio health.

The Nokia BPM+ is a more travel-friendly blood pressure cuff ($130, £115 or approximately AU$170) than Withing's older blood pressure offerings, but it still uses AAA batteries.


The more compact Nokia BPM+ blood pressure cuff.

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Will the new Nokia Health Mate app work the same as Withings?

It looks like it, since Withings is still developing all of Nokia's health products. But the new Nokia Health Mate app has a more minimal look, and adds multiweek programs for heart, sleep and weight loss that are endorsed by doctors listed in the app. These programs, according to Nokia, will be more coaching-focused.

Stay tuned for review updates once the newly branded products become available.