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Your next iPhone might be able to protect itself from thieves

Apple is considering ways to empower the iPhone with active protections after being stolen, according to a new patent application.

Apple already uses a handful of protections for the iPhone, but a new patent application points to new, potential security features.

What if your iPhone could help actively protect itself, even after it's been stolen?

That potential idea was considered in a new patent application Apple filed Thursday with the US Patent & Trademark Office.

According to the application, which AppleInsider wrote about, a future iPhone may -- when triggered by the right circumstances -- start documenting an alleged thief's fingerprints through the Touch ID home button, picture and videos from the cameras and even voice from the microphone.

Such capabilities, while perhaps legally questionable, could go much further than Apple's current lock screen and Find My iPhone app.

An Apple representative didn't respond to a request for comment.