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Your iPhone: A matchmaker and romance adviser

Single? Looking for love? If that's you then the new iPhone app from can help you find the love of your life and the iRomantic app helps you retain that love.

We recently became aware of two iPhone applications striving to improve your dating and romantic experiences. The popular online dating service created one, and the other is offered by iDear Applications Combined, the two have the potential to make your love life a bit more...interesting.'s native iPhone application brings mobile dating to the site's over 15 million members. The app, (iTunes link), is free and lets users edit their profile, upload photos, and even use an opt-in location-based feature to find singles in their area.

The location-based feature might seem a little creepy to some, but you'd be surprised how many iPhone users already turn to the iPhone's other popular location-pinpointing apps, including Loopt (and many others).

This, of course, isn't's first attempt at entering the mobile marketplace. Previously, started a service called MatchMobile that gave members the ability to get e-mail message notifications and "winks" received from other members via text messaging.'s app also follows in the footsteps of SpeedDate, a free dating app previously covered by CNET.

Your iPhone, along with or SpeedDate, may serve as some sort of matchmaker, but can it help you hold onto the love of your life?


iRomantic, an iPhone romance adviser, sells for $1.99 (iTunes link) and attempts to do just that. iRomantic features "200 romantic tips that will help you keep the spice in your romance" and randomly appear each time you give your iPhone a shake--some even include links to YouTube videos. If you find a tip you'd like to share with your significant other, you can send it to him or her via SMS.

If you or someone you know has had a positive experience with any of these services along with their respective iPhone apps, we'd like to hear about it in the comments section.