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You should be excited

You should be excited

Why should you be excited? Because starting next week, we're going to give you more frequent updates of our At Work page, with lots of links to lots of information that will help you run your small business. We have stories on everything from business plan software to wikis (know what they are?) to smart phone security and file serving.

We tell you about not only the hardware and the how-to, but also about why it does or doesn't make sense for your business, when and how to use the technologies, and most importantly, the solutions that go well beyond technology.

And we'll continue to have all the other small-business features you rely on or should check out, including the Ultimate Office, Bandwidth Meter, discussion boards, and more.

Also, starting next week, there will be new contributors to this space. I'm honored to hand the reins over to CNET small-business editor Rafe Needleman and editors Allen Fear and Elsa Wenzel, all of whom have forgotten more about small-business technology than I'm ever likely to know. It's been a great ride, and I've been grateful for the chance to help enhance CNET's small-business coverage and work with such a phenomenal team. If you want the best small-business technology coverage in the world, keep coming back.