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Essential Phone available for preorder, after delays

Android creator Andy Rubin's phone can be preordered online, including through Sprint if you want a discount.

The Essential Phone is Andy Rubin's pet project.

If you've been wondering where the Essential Phone is, here's a sign of life.

On Thursday, Sprint announced that its customers can preorder the phone created by Andy Rubin, who a decade or so ago brought you Android, Google's mobile OS. Sprint is the exclusive carrier for the Essential Phone, though you can also buy it unlocked from for $699. The advantage of ordering through Sprint is that you can pay for the phone through a monthly plan instead of all at once.

With Sprint's deal, customers can get the phone half-off and pay $14.58 a month over a year and a half. Preorders are available only for the black model, with Sprint promising more colors "at a later date." You can see details here.

On Thursday, Essential also made the phone available through its website, as well as at Best Buy

Rubin's phone project faced criticism after it missed a self-imposed release deadline of late June. Then on July 21, the company promised it would start shipping "in a few weeks."  

On Wednesday, Essential said preorders will ship in a week. We shall see. 

First published, Aug. 17, 6:24 a.m. PT.
Update, 7:23 a.m. PT
: Adds announcement from Essential.