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You can now #save your Periscope streams (for more than 24 hours)

The Twitter-owned live broadcaster has introduced the new function likely to compete with Facebook Live.

Josh Miller/CNET

Facebook announced last month that users could live stream videos over the social network. Now, after beefing up its team with a new editor-in-chief, the Twitter-owned Periscope is shaking up its iOS and Android apps.

Periscope CEO Kayvon Beykpour said Wednesday (in a Periscope broadcast, naturally) that it has opened a public beta for a new feature that allows users to save their videos forever.

Periscopers who include the hashtag #save in their titles will keep their broadcasts from vanishing after 24 hours, as was the case until now. These videos can still be manually deleted, if the user so chooses.

Beykpour prefaced the news by explaining that it's part of a bigger feature, or set of features.

"We are actively building support for controlling how your broadcasts stay on Periscope," he said. "That includes keeping those broadcasts forever. That also includes capability for some people who want their broadcasts to delete more quickly."

"We're working on a holistic solution to that that we're really, really excited about. That's going to be coming in the near future."